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About Lane’s Fitness Training


Our Mission

We provide a physical fitness facility, programming, and service that is innate and raw in a world of exercise confusion. Our coaches and trainers educate our clients and give them exercise intensity, duration, challenging formats, and perfect combinations of frequency to expand former known limits; challenging them daily. Ultimately… our mission is to enhance life!

Our Values

Lane’s Fitness is built upon a strong professional foundation upholding trust and technique. We use intensity, education, fun and variety as the fuel for our machine. We are committed to these values and seek those who desire this type of active lifestyle.

Lane's Fitness
  • We are passionate about what we do

  • We want to keep you safe and injury-free

  • Our instruction is always scientifically current

  • We are athletes

  • We live fitness every day!

Our Philosophy

Our training of clients and ourselves is continually evolving, as all of our staff are fitness competitors and truly obsessed with learning more about the body—and how it moves. SAFETY is our primary concern! We truly practice what we preach, most training 5+ days per week in addition to our Coaching load. We LOVE helping others achieve their fitness goals, and teaching them about the BIG world of exercise.

In our opinion, the world of exercise can be so confusing! We continually get questions like: “Should I run?” “Should I exercise like a bodybuilder?” “Am I a powerlifter?” “I want to perform resistance training… but don’t want to gain any weight.”

We want to help, “STOP THE MADNESS”!

First, we may use machines, barbells, bands, or medicine balls…but eventually, we want YOU to become the machine! Most all of our movements are ‘ground-based’ and functional. We want to use science to get you to your goals.

In the body, there exist 3 planes of movement: the transverse plane (separates top to bottom), the sagittal plane (separates left from right) and the frontal plane (separates front from back). In MOST exercise in the world, we are in the frontal plane—completing biceps curls, squats, running, and pressing movements. With Lane’s Fitness coaching, we encourage movement in ALL PLANES. This is just 1 (one) of the many techniques we use in planning and programming.

By challenging your body to move in ‘controlled’ random acts within different planes of movement, your body “HAS TO” adapt and overcome this new stimulus. As with any movement and novel effort, we are creatures of balance and homeostasis. We have to adapt to become “in balance with who we are physically.” When this happens, you are not only burning calories during exercise, but also when you have “down time.” Your body is adjusting to the new “training” or “stimulus.” As a result, we get to a FITTER, NEW you faster and more effectively.

Result = you are more mobile, stronger, and able to produce powerful movements.

P.S.: By having more dense lean muscle, it takes more calories to maintain, so you automatically get to be less fat and leaner as well! 🙂

Our History

Coach Lane initially brought Physiques Personal Training to Amelia Island from Arizona in 1995. Over the years, it has operated within the Amelia Wellness Center, the Omni Plantation, and in the City parks of Fernandina Beach, FL. In 2006, Physiques changed names to become CrossFit Amelia Island, and for 9 years, operated under the CrossFit banner. In 2011, with the introduction of new philosophies, our name and culture began to shift slightly into Sandbox Athletics—powered by CrossFit. As exercise science continued to advance, our Coaches continued to soak up the intelligence. Pursuit of learning moved forward and in 2014, we could not hold back our customers and athletes, so Sandbox Athletics was born as its own entity. In 2017, we once again rebranded to Lane’s Fitness.

Today, Lane’s Fitness boasts coaches who are all nationally certified by major organizations. These are not “2 hour internet tests” and all carry with them very distinct credentials. We hold Certifications with:

  • NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
  • USA Weightlifting
  • USA Track and Field
  • American Red Cross
Doug Lane


Lane’s Fitness Coaches believe that every student comes to a point of realization, throws down the hammer and says, “enough of the hype.” Give me something real! As your coaches, we are constantly searching for programming that is solid, delivers results, is safe and effective.

Lane’s Fitness provides a core strength and conditioning program. We have designed our program to elicit as broad an adaptational response as possible. Rather than a specialized fitness program, Lane’s Fitness training is a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of ten recognized fitness domains.

We truly encourage all our students to “live the fitness” lifestyle. Lane’s Fitness coaches are constantly heading up fun run/walks, bike tours, rock climbing adventures, surfing days at the beach, and charitable events such as our famous “Fight Gone Bad” and “Trevor WinE Memorial Day Challenge.” Within the past year we have raised over $10,500 for our WOD for Water project.


Doug Lane
Doug LaneCoach, Owner
  • Works well with “understanding” the Masters Athlete—for over 35 years
    Muay Thai Instructor
  • Weightlifting, Strongman, Powerlifting, Heavy Athletics—this guy is built to move load
  • Loves to learn and to teach others
  • Recently intrigued by how Fast Twitch, Explosive actions can be used and produced in most any form of movement
  • Specialties in Muay Thai and the Sport of Weightlifting

Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology, May 1993, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

Post-Grad Classes, Exercise Science / Business, 1994, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

  • USA Weightlifting 
    • Certified Level 2 – Senior Coach – 2011
    • Certified Level 1 – Club Coach 2008
    • Certified Sports Performance – 2008
  • USA Track and Field
    • Level 1 Certified – 2010
  • Khamontom Muay Thai
    • Khru (Instructor) – Level 2 – 2017
    • Level 1 – 2015
  • Starting Strength Coach
    • Instructor – 2008
    • Certified 2007
  • NSCA – CSCS: National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – 2006
  • CrossFit:
    • CrossFit Football – 2013
    • CrossFit Striking – 2013
    • CrossFit Exercise Science – 2009
    • CrossFit Weightlifting – 2009
    • CrossFit Nutrition – 2009
    • CrossFit Kids – 2009
    • CrossFit Basic Barbell – 2009
    • Certified Level 2 Coach – 2007
    • Certified Level I Coach – 2006
  • Clinics and Achievements:
    • National University Championships-  Champion TJ Greenstone – Assistant Coach 150kg/191kg ; Brielle Atkin – 7th Place
    • Junior National Weightlifting Championships Coach – 3rd Place – 69kg – Brielle Atkin  -2015
    • USA Olympic Training Center – 2014 – Periodization and Super-compensation Clinic
    • NE Florida Highland Games – Overall Champion “C” Class – 2012 and 2014
    • CrossFit RAID Games Masters – Runner Up 2014
    • Jaguars Fitness Challenge – Scaled – 2nd Place 2014
    • Masters Muay Thai/JKD Clinic – Guru Dan Inosanto/Arjun Chai – 2013
    • National Weightlifting Champion – USA Masters – 40-45 – 105+ – 2012 and 2014
    • USA Weightlifting – Olympic Training Center-2010 Mantek Seminar
    • NSCA Annual Conference – 2010
    • NSCA Sport Specific Training Conference 2010
    • Performance Weightlifting Coach – Level 1 Certified – 2008
    • Explosive Lifting Clinics- Host – 2008
    • Starting Strength – Basic Barbell Certification – Host – 2008
    • CrossFit FLETC – Coach for Level I – Certification – 2008
    • CrossFit East Powerlifting Performance Clinic – 2008
    • CrossFit National Meeting – Las Vegas, NV – 2008
    • CrossFit Evolution Olympic Weightlifting Clinic – 2007
    • CrossFit – Staff – Level I Certification – Jupiter, FL – 2007
    • Thai Boxing Association of America – Muay Thai Level 1 – Instructor 2007 – Sifu Khru Chris Russell; Khru Tom Burke
    • Crossfit East Olympic Style Weightlifting Seminar – September 2006
    • National Exercise Training Association – Kickboxing Instructor Certified–May 2005
    • Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts – 2005, 2006
    • NFPT – Personal Trainer Certified – 1998
    • NSCA – Personal Trainer Certified – 1996
    • ACE – Personal Trainer Certified – 1994
    • IDEA – Personal Trainer GOLD Certified – 1992
Paul Thornton
Paul ThorntonCoach
  • Weightlifting
  • Scottish Games Athlete/Coach
  • Heavy Athletics
  • Firefighter / Military athlete development
  • Cuisine Connoisseur
  • Dedicated to his trade. This guy gets his workouts in every day and makes sure each client is 100% satisfied before the session is ended. Many times he will recruit his fellow firefighters to work out with him at the station to push them to be the best they can be. A public servant who cares about the people.
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 – Club Coach – 2013
  • USA Track and Field – Level 1 Coach – 2013
  • Duval County Fire School Graduate – 2013
  • Current Nassau County Fire Fighter/Paramedic – 2013
  • Fight for Air – Bank of America Building – 11:29 in full bunker gear -2017
  • So Fit – Jax – 2016
  • Jax Beach Fitness Challenge – 2015
  • Jaguar CrossFit Fitness Challenge – 2013 and 2014
  • RAID Games – 2014
  • League of Shadows – 2014
Amanda Picard
Amanda PicardNutrition Coach

I have always been extremely fitness oriented and fascinated with the healing powers of food.

Helping people achieve their fitness goals makes my heart happy and having a degree in nutrition gives me the opportunity to help others achieve the balanced, healthy lifestyle they desire.

Women can particularly have pressures on them from society that can result in food/eating disorders. I have worked at Florida Psychological Associates and have learned how to delicately handle both men and women who are in need

I believe in the evolutionary diet planning. Many “diets” are wholesome and work. It really is about matching a format and plan with the person and their lifestyle. We typically lean on Zone principles, Paleo Nutrition thought, and just plain eating the clean food that God has put on this planet for us to eat.

  • Les Mills BODYFLOW
  • Les Mills CXWORX
  • Les Mills BODYSTEP
  • Les Mills RPM

Bachelor of Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, University of North Florida, 2017

Master of Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, University of North Florida, anticipated graduation 2018

  • River Run – 2017
  • Reindeer Run – 2015 (1st in Age division)
  • Women of Power Run – 2014 and 2015 (1st Overall Men and Women)
  • Survivor Run – 2013
Caitie Culleton
Caitie CulletonCoach
  • Passion for fitness and wellness is unparalleled
  • Played numerous sports growing up, choosing to concentrate on volleyball in high school
  • Played 4 years as a Scholarship Athlete in Volleyball
  • A self-proclaimed “gym junkie,” she lives a healthy lifestyle, choosing to eat “clean” diet year-round
  • Well-versed in nutrition and an avid food product label reader, who is eager to share what she has learned about healthy eating
  • Extensive experience designing and customizing exercise plans for a wide variety of clients, including those seeking sport specific workouts for individuals and prep teams, post-rehabilitation, adaptive wellness, weight training, strength and conditioning, and weight loss support
  • Believes that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to workout/exercise prescriptions
  • Keen ability to establish a rapport with all of her clients is what sets her apart
  • NCSF – Personal Trainer, Certified 2008
  • TRX – Trainer, Certified 2014
  • ACE – Group Trainer, Certified 2015

Bachelor of Arts, Sport Management with Fitness Specialty, 2008, Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL

Trish Schaffner
Trish SchaffnerCoach
  • Motivating and never takes no for an answer! This girl has energy ooozzzing out of her pores.
  • Competitor in every sense of the word.
  • Wife and mommy of 2 boys that keep her on her toes.
  • Dedicated to her trade and truly wants to see every person on this planet reach their goals.
  • Perform Better Summit 2017
  • AFAA Personal Training
  • AFAA Group Exercise
  • AFAA Yoga
  • AFAA Pilates
  • TRX Certified

US Navy Electronics School

  • Spartan Run – May 2017
  • Ride for Katie – Triathlon – April 2017
  • Angry Tortoise Run – 25K February 2017