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  • Top Gear

    Our gym has over 10 tons of free weights, over 50 weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals, a NEW 1,000 square-foot turf room, and boasts name brands such as Rogue and Eleiko. We have weightlifting platforms for Snatches, Cleans, Deadlifts and Squatting. Each of our coaches boasts national certifications. We have been voted the BEST gym in North Florida years upon end.

  • All You Need to Train

    There is a difference with top-level coaching that provides effective workout programming, incorporating everything from bodyweight exercises to intense Olympic-style weightlifting, and a central location within the best gym on the island!

  • Club 14 Fitness

    Lane’s Fitness has exclusively partnered with the largest health club in town, Club 14 Fitness. Each member of Lane’s Fitness has unlimited 24-hour/7-days-a-week access to the gym.

    Learn more about the gym at club14fitness.com.

    Club 14 Fitness

    Club 14 Fitness Weight Room

  • One Stop Shop

    Schedule YOUR training on YOUR schedule. (New? Try a free session!) We meet you where you’re at physically, with non-intimidating WODs (workouts of the day). You can decide what is best for you: private or our popular small group training. Plus, a hidden gem… child care! Talk with your coach about the purest supplements from our Pro Shop, while you cool down with a fresh made protein shake from the Juice Bar.

  • Recovery

    Enhance your training by speeding up recovery with our 4 types of foam rollers, stick massage, Les Mills BODYFLOW®, yoga, stretching mats, 8-person sauna, protein shake Juice Bar, or maybe even a consultation with our nutritionist Amanda Picard.