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“The MOST knowledgeable Coach I have had the distinct pleasure to SWEAT FOR.”

20+ years of competitive swimming, 40+ years of running, 30 years of flying ‘fast jet’ fighters while simultaneously juggling a 35-year global business career requires you to maintain a level of physical fitness beyond the ‘norm.’ I found Doug Lane almost 15 years ago and discovered his style of ‘professional coaching and technique instruction’ was a perfect “match” to my performance needs… I was ‘sold’ then and still am. Doug took me from a level of fitness that I thought was ‘pretty good’ to a higher level I never thought I could attain, nevermind maintain, as I got older and had to manage physical limitations. He is without a doubt the MOST knowledgeable Coach I have had the distinct pleasure to “SWEAT FOR.” I like a Coach who can “execute the exercise” and is not afraid of any challenge—that’s DOUG!!!!

Barry S.

“Coach Doug has helped me to experience whole-health fitness.”

Working closely with Lane’s Fitness and Coach Doug has helped me to experience whole-health fitness and how it helps me with a positive attitude to make the difference in our community as I should. Practicing all components of fitness, from endurance, mobility, strength and nutrition, impacts every part of me to be the person I’m meant to be.

David Daugherty

47 years old

“I am hooked!”

The coaches’ skills, experience and the love of this art/sport has given me the confidence and motivation to continue to learn and progress. I am hooked and have not stopped since my first class.

Esther Q.

55 years old



Hank H.

I have 2 kids, am a CPA with 12+ employees, and need to maximize my schedule, especially during tax season. I have worked with Coach Doug for over 10 years and am in the best shape of my life!

Hank H., 47 years old
Jeff D.

Coach Doug understands and educates about the physics and biology of fitness and nutrition. Additionally, he is a lifelong learner of Exercise Science and Muay Thai. I am a public school teacher and I commute from Yulee to take Small Group Training and Muay Thai with Lane’s Fitness…. I feel better than I have in 20 years.

Jeff D., 47 years old
Haidy V.

As a mommy of 2, with a special needs child and professional in Dentistry, my time is limited. I wholeheartedly recommend Lane’s Fitness!! Learning REAL self defense and getting physically fit is fun in a group environment—has been awesome!

Haidy V., 34 years old